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Faith Neighbors working together for the Common Good. Create a group in your area today and share the good news with us!

Our mission, created by a committed group of Jews and Muslims, is to provide an experiential, interreligious workshop designed to facilitate community "neighbors in faith" (NIF) to grow in friendship and effectively work together. Participants are encouraged to forge new, or enhance existing, relationships while following the 'golden rule.' This process is designed to identify religious and cultural commonalities and differences in an open, honest, and non-judgmental manner.

This campaign started in a south suburban Chicago Jewish community and The Mosque Cares (TMC) members, both lay and clergy, "vetted" each other two years ago. The participants became acquainted with each other over coffee and pastry, established a working relationship, and then planned and carried out more than two dozen projects, programs, and collaborative spiritual experiences.


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